My interest in photography started in the high school darkroom, helped finance my way through college, and later became my full-time career beginning in 2004. Since then, I have won awards, worked on major ad campaigns, been a part of some crazy shoots, established a loyal client list, and developed a lot of revered friendships.

As a small Kansas City based business, I take pride in being flexible and diverse. Although I specialize in shooting people and product, I have photographed a wide variety of subjects including food, priceless artwork, and animals. I am equally comfortable working out on location with portable gear, or setting up a highly controlled atmosphere in a photo studio. I love that my career allows me to accomplish a variety of creative projects as well as get to know an abundance of interesting people. Plus, I am never doing the same thing for very long.

My skills do not end after I click the shutter. I am also an award-winning Photoshop specialist and work closely with clients on different aspects of their digital needs. I can make "the magic happen," or I can simply help make images look consistent and clean. 

Photography is my business, my life, and my passion. I honor the challenge and creativity it requires, and I enjoy helping others get their message across. I am lucky that clients hire me to do what I love.